Leon Nolis

Born in Antwerp 1957 and enthusiastic photographer.
The family with the kids and frequent travel was actually the impulse to buy in the 80’s my first reflex camera.
Photo and / or development techniques were strange to me yet.
2009 was the turning point ……. my first digital camera and more free time allowed me to feel more and more deeply into the world of photography.
A year later I held my first personal photo exhibition …..”Decline & Regeneration”. More exhibitions follow later on ….”The Prisoners of Breendonk” & “Aging”, and other projects like tree book covers, and my latest collaboration with a novel writer. Interested to see more?,look for “Digital Storytelling” and “Projects”on my personal website.
Meanwhile, I purchased a full frame, try to do reportage work, wedding, studio and landscape photography as much as possible to gain experience. Today in 2017 still looking for expansion and creativity on my own.
Curious about where this ends ?…..

One thought on “Leon Nolis – Cuban Streets

  1. Amay Leon… dat zijn allebei weeral prachtige reeksen … ik vind alle reeksen van de Crea trouwens top .
    Jouw manier van vignetteren maakt het voor mij af ! KNAP !

    Zeg Leon … kan je mij een tipke geven … welk programmatje gebruik ik best om een watermerk in m’n fotokes te plakken?

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