Brigitte ’t Sijen – Mensen

Brigitte stuurde een paar van deze beelden naar Lens Culture.

Bekijk onderaan de eerste reactie van Lens culture.

Brigitte, Foto Crea is  trots op je !

Reactie van de redactie van Lens Culture :

Hi Brigitte and thanks for sharing your work with us.
My first impression is very positive about your work. It’s a very interesting set of street pictures and reveals a photographer with the necessary level to create good images with a personal style in photography.
From a technical point of view, I have nothing to suggest. You have a great sense of composition, the light is effective and the monochrome approach is a good choice that gives a timeless sense in your pictures. The choice to use the square format in your pictures is interesting and unusual and although this works I would like you to explore more the landscape orientation. It will allow you to bring more elements into the frame, which will enhance the narrative.
You submitted your images as individual shots, but all of them are shared common features as their balanced composition, their monochrome approach, their brightness, the existence of people, their spontaneity and the same aspect ratio. It’s obvious that there is a common idea behind their creation and could be part of a work. Υοur images include all the necessary elements for a successful single image in this category, such as technical and aesthetical excellence, narrativity and autonomy. However, my suggestion to you for the future is to present us a series of photos about a subject of your interest. Everyone can make beautiful pictures but the point for me is to start creating stories with them. Thousand of individual images uploaded every day on the internet and as a reviewer, I see hundreds of good images in each contest and my opinion is that talented photographers like you, should express their ideas with series of photos in order to stand out among an ocean of good single images. This thing needs much more effort and of course time, but believe me, it’s worth it.
Dear Brigitte, obviously you are a very good photographer and you have the potential for much more. Keep up the good work and I’ll be glad to see more of your pictures in the future.
Take care

Author: Brigitte 't Sijen

Fotografie is sedert zo'n 4 decennia mijn passie. Ik houd vooral van straatfotografie gekruid met een vleugje onscherpte. Dit leidt soms tot gezonde discussies met fotografen die meer kaas hebben gegeten van techniek en geduld. Ik fotografeer nogal impulsief en dat is wat ik graag doe.

6 thoughts on “Brigitte ’t Sijen – Mensen

  1. Alidoor Dellafaille says:

    Echt helemaal in de lijn van al je werken, mooie beelden . Dit jou stijl.

  2. Jos Mols says:

    mooie beelden Brigitte, maar dat zijn we van jou gewoon. En nu bewijs je dat ondanks de coronacrisis ons fotohobby gewoon verder gaat.


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